When I used Past Life Regression to see through Eagle's eyes.


It was like a Universal calling when Dr. Brian Weiss’s Past

Life Regression workshop details (held in New York) landed in front of me last month. It was perfect timing, just a week before my son’s graduation from New York University also in New York. Although it was a sold-out workshop, I received a call a week later with a last-minute cancellation. You know when everything starts falling in place you know it is meant to be, that is how I felt.


On the first of the 5-days workshop, I was sitting in a hall filled with the energy of 137 eager, enthusiastic and empathetic students who had especially traveled distances as far as Australia to Colombia and many other countries in between for this workshop. As Dr. Brian Weiss & his warm and approachable wife Carole entered the room, the excitement went sky-high. Having read most of Dr. Weiss’s books as part of my spiritual journey quest, I felt my heart beating faster despite being British of Indian origin, as a result of which reincarnation and past lives are familiar terms and concepts.


My main purpose was of course to discover deeper answers to the patterns and experiences I’ve had in my life which may be stemming from some past life lessons to be learned. In addition, it was also then to be able to help my clients and others understand their lessons and perhaps find answers to their suffering.



 I went with an open mind and almost surrendered myself to whatever life has to show me in the next 5 days of the workshop and thereafter. There were amazing synchronicities taking place in the room.


As we know intra-day, we experience various states in our brain. When we are awake our brain is in beta state and sometimes gamma state. Just before sleep, the human brain enters the alpha state, then to delta and theta in deep sleep.
During regression or hypnosis although our frequency gets altered to sleepier and zoned out stage, we actually become more aware and focused.




The whole idea is to have an eagle’s view where you can see sharply on the relevant areas that you are stuck on and understand why life keeps bringing those experiences, that is for us to learn and move on to the next lesson to build our spiritual muscles.


Somewhere inside us, there is a recorder that captures all our past and present emotions, behaviors, and actions. If we can access that recorder and rewind it to see and sense, we can live our life more consciously and become aware of which spiritual muscles we need to strengthen in ourselves.

Meditation, journaling, visualization techniques, hypnosis, past life regressions, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, etc. are some of the techniques that may be used to understand our current inner wiring and ways to rewire for us to flow. Of course, most important is to ensure we feel comfortable with the technique and the practitioner.

There are many paths to self-reflection and insights, as they say, ‘All roads lead to Rome.’




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