My marathon workshops at Future Hope last week!

April 15, 2019

The children at Future Hope are becoming a part of my life! Future Hope is a co-educational school set up for street children in Kolkata 30 years ago.


With each visit I see the children participating with more openness and awareness. They share their experiences using the analogies we discussed during our previous workshops to demonstrate how we can let go of limiting beliefs. It is gratifying to hear from them as to how a shift is brought in their thinking and how those new beliefs have now changed their outer experiences.




During my recent workshop, a boy from Class 8 walked in beaming and narrated, “Madam, during my exams I thought of the example you gave us last time. You told us when you ride a cycle imagine the cycle starts steering you and controlling you! You have no idea where it will take you. You will go crazy. The cycle is for making your movement efficient provided you know how to use it. Similarly, your mind is a tool to make your life more efficient but if you allow it to control you, it makes you crazy. Since then I choose to steer my mind by the methods you practiced with us and now I do not get stressed and crazy. I did my exams really well.”



I was so pleased to hear application of our discussions and examples on the power of thoughts, fears and limitations and how their actions speak louder than their words.


Our topic of the workshop this time was to create a “Road map to our Dreams."




Each class differs in their attitude and outlook. From classes 8 to 12, I interacted with over 100 children on each day and sensed their diverse feelings, insights and coping mechanism. There were exchanges of experiences as I shared mine and they shared theirs. We all built a compassionate circle of energy around us to improve our lives and stretch ourselves to be our best version each day.


Their smiles, frowns, anxiety, frustrations and laughter are all a seesaw of emotions that we try to balance each time through empowerment and love.



This time I conducted a workshop for teachers as well and it was such an engrossing and interactive one-hour with them. We explored our sources of happiness and realized it is all outwardly focused and externally derived. We promised to look into our own sources of happiness and try to incorporate them as often as possible for sustained happiness rather than sporadic outbursts.



I conducted 12 sessions over 2 days. Each day I interacted with over 100 children plus over 30 staff members’ non-stop. I did not feel tired at all. It only validates the fact that when our actions stem from a place of joy and unconditional love, we fill ourselves with satisfaction, love and compassion.




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