How I celebrated the festival of Holi?

April 2, 2019


Holi, the festival of colours is synonym with the onset of the spring season, at a deeper level it signifies the impermanence nature of life. Just like the seasons change so does life. The essence of Holi is the triumph of good over evil and celebration of the ever-changing life and its colours with joy, excitement, and vigour.


Noble Peace Laureate, Mr. Kailash Satyarthi and his wife Sumedha Satyarthi set up Bal ashram over 30 years ago to house the rescued children from bonded labour for further education and empowerment. Every year they celebrate Holi with the children ever since. This year they invited us to celebrate this playful festival with them.




As I walked into the ashram 3 days before Holi, a few boys came running towards me with open arms, beaming with smiles, expressing their happiness and gratification. They held my hand showed me around and were super excited to have me in their home. There were around 70 boys ranging from 5 years to 19 years of age in the ashram at that time. A concoction of naughtiness, humour, and hope reflected in their eyes as they enveloped me asking if I will stay for Holi. I could not help but let go of all the travel exhaustion and join them in their delight.


We plucked flowers together and they taught me how to make colours from flowers. I thought I might be able to teach something to the children, I have come back learning so much from them. Right from making colours from nature to enjoying being one with nature, they taught me so much about insects, birds, trees, and usage of common sense that is quite uncommon nowadays.  The contentment and positive vibrations I connected with being with their pure hearts are priceless.



We danced, embraced dark and light shades of life, laughed, cried, shared and cared for each other as ‘One big creation of life’.


Sometimes it is the small joys that create a big shift in life, just like it did for me. I am grateful for the best Holi of my life so far.



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