What makes us happy?

March 11, 2019


On 9th March 2019 we conducted another well-received interactive session with the parents of Manzil. It was a sunny morning with a temperature of 25 degrees centigrade. The wind was playful while the sun kept shinning and it was the perfect setting to enjoy nature.  So, we decided to sit in the children’s outdoor play area in Manzil premises.


We started by exploring what ‘Happiness’ meant to the participants, soon my flip chart sheet got filled up with various states that meant happiness to them. Some suggested a relaxed feeling, internal smile, connection, love and so on…


We then explored what makes us happy and what makes us unhappy. To list the happy sources took a bit more efforts than the sources of unhappiness. Family, hobbies, ‘me time’, holidays, food and nature were a few on the long list of what makes them happy. While anxiety, stress, unfulfilled expectations, poor health, failure etc came from the list of causes of unhappiness.


We went on to discuss, ways to reconnect to each person’s place of happiness, when life throws a sudden surprise or shock.  The need to restore and recharge ourselves is a very important coping mechanism, something that we often forget to do for ourselves.


There were some wonderful questions from the parents and as part of this ‘share and care platform’ of LifeASpiritualGym, I asked other parents to share their insights with everyone. Soon there was such a beautiful support system offered by parents with each other and happiness was flowing knowing we are not ever alone.


We focused on the gifts our children have brought over the worries that parents have for their special needs’ children.


By the end of the workshop, there was laughter, empowerment, engagement, and trust flowing along with the sun and wind.


Thank you, Dr. Ayesha Husaini, Manzil staff and parents for giving me this opportunity to reach out to you every month as part of self-awareness and empowerment program. I look forward to one-on-one sessions with the parents and feel blessed to be part of the beautiful Manzil family.





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