Does Karma help in our growth or is it a punishment?

January 15, 2019


Karma or Law of Cause and Effect, is a powerful Law that governs our life. What we judge, hold against anyone, comes back to us to experience.


When we judge, that action of judgment ‘Causes’ a process to begin. The ‘Effect’ is the situation we are placed in to appreciate what we had judged. These experiences seem painful as we forget about our judgments or actions. We experience what they had perhaps experienced previously. We then learn by feeling the pain that they had perhaps felt.


Karma can be carried forward for a very long time. It works till our Balance Sheet of life gets neutralized. Most times we are unaware of our assets (lessons learnt) and liabilities (lessons to learn) and we wonder why things happen?


Karma is not a punishment, although many people consider it one.

An example is we go to the gym because we want to be fit. Post workout we get pain due to lactic acid that the body creates as a result of intense workout. When we understand this we don not see lactic acid and pain as punishment.  We know it is needed to develop our muscles and get fitter. With that awareness we go for walks, massages and hot baths to relieve ourselves from lactic acid. However if we did not understand the concept of lactic acid for fitness, we would suffer and relate to exercise as punishment.


Similarly, Karma is like the lactic acid that is produced when we exercise our thoughts or action in a particular fashion. When we have grateful thoughts we encounter more gratitude flowing towards us.  We attract more of what we hold. When we hold anger, those thoughts get in action and start processing. We encounter more situations to deal with anger. We attract that frequency in order for us to practice and release ourselves from that level. We get ample chances to graduate from that lesson. Just like with awareness we get relief from lactic acid in the body, with awareness we can graduate quicker from our lesson.


Karma is unbiased and we can never escape it. It is for our learning and growth to develop our spiritual muscles. It is driven by our conscious and unconscious thoughts. The stronger the intention, the quicker we manifest them in our life.


The best way to dissolve Karma is to connect with deep compassion for our selves and for others. We then empathize and understand that this is the best they could have done under their circumstances. Once we understand this, we free ourselves from that Karma or learning. That lesson is now learnt. However, if we keep stuck in the pattern of judgment, anger or blame game, we loop ourselves in the Law of Cause and Effect of those thoughts, judgments or actions forever.




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