What is ‘Life A Spiritual Gym?’

January 8, 2019



Life is an encyclopedia of experiences. Every second we live we are part of an experience. Most times we are unaware of the script, chapters and titles of our experiences. We just live it. It is like swimming in the ocean without the awareness of building our lung capacity to breathe and toning our body to synchronize with rhythmic strokes. We may enjoy the sun, sand and fresh air for a bit. The cool soft waves gently stroke us like a feeling of a mother rocking her child. We love it and feel confident to go a bit further in the ocean with the waves. But then a big wave comes and washes our calmness and confidence away. We are now unable to steer our way. We feel out of control as our muscles and techniques are not developed.


In real life experience, we judge what gives us control and authority. We then get attached to the material value and sensorial pleasures that come as frills to that experience. We start enjoying the seduction process. Our ego loves it and thrives on playing with our mind, senses and body. Now we identify ourselves with this acquisition or a new role we have received through this experience. The bigger the title or possession or perks the more our ego grows. The more the ego grows the more we fear loss of those objects and sensorial pleasures.  The result of this ego trip is, we suffer. We have enrolled our self for emotional spike so we will go through highs and lows. The higher our attachment, the higher the spike will be.


The whole purpose of the experience was for us to grow and develop spiritual muscles to face situations in life. Instead of our spiritual muscles we develop our ego muscles. We grow in our mind and ego. That is the place of fear, anxiety, strong desires and urge to control external environment. There is no way we can control external conditions all the time. We have now unknowingly signed up for suffering for ourselves by living to boost our ego.


How can we help ourselves build spiritual muscles?


Our true growth comes when we focus on the bigger picture or what we learnt from that experience. Every movie or book has a lesson or a theme that it revolves around. Of course the drama is thrilling, the words and description add to the beauty, but the story is most important. A weak story cannot sustain the bestseller title or win the international awards only on frills. We want to know how the hero comes out stronger after the storm hits his life. We as an audience enjoy an inspiring story that comes with the collective work of characters, director, scriptwriter and producer all working with awareness and mindfulness of a solid story.


The same applies to our life. If we get caught up only in dramas and frills we cannot sustain our experiences to inspire our self and others around us. However when we build awareness of what is the story we wish to live. How are we playing the role as the producer, director, writer and actor of our life? What kind of theme are we going to create, write and act our life movie on? Then we start looking at each scene or experience of our life movie from a higher perspective. That is when we realize that Life is a collective work of our experiences.  We are constantly trying to build muscles to sail through life with our thoughts, action and belief system. With awareness that ‘Life is a Spiritual Gym’ we can mindfully build stronger muscles to facilitate our sustainable growth throughout our life unconditionally. When the source of strength and joy-our spiritual muscles are always inside us, we have the ability to work on our own script to change our movie any time.



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