Challenges become our gifts.

December 4, 2018




It was my first of the many workshops for the parents of Manzil –a non-profit special needs children school in Sharjah.


As a mother of 2 children born with congenital challenges over 25 years ago, I am keen to help the parents in similar situation like I was. Even though I lost them as babies, my understanding and compassion to these challenges evolved due to my personal experiences.  There after we adopted a baby girl and a baby boy, who are our biggest gifts.  Our compassion channeled through our Charity Foundation that we set up in 2004 to help under privileged children. To touch upon over 1000 children’s lives in different ways has helped me grow as a person and helped me heal. For the last 7 years I have been proactively healing myself through my challenges and losses by facing my wounds.  In the process I’ve become an “Author and Inner Happiness Mentor” and these have been my biggest gifts and purpose of my life.


I decided to share my insights on “Overcoming losses- to path of abundance” with Manzil parents.


As the parents walked in the room they were understandably unsure of what to expect. To break the ice, I began with my own life story, as I believe, “when we share, we truly care”.


Once the talk was in flow there was wisdom flowing from the parents. In a span of 60 minutes the eyes shone with tears to eagerness to learn, lips smiled with compassion, sincerity embraced the room saying “we are not alone” and “we are blessed to have these challenges that has made us better persons”. It was an amazing “share and care” platform that helped and supported the emotions and doubts of the parents.


One of the mothers commented, she used to be an extremely impatient person and now with her beautiful autistic son she has learnt to be patient. That is her gift for her growth. Another saw how she has learnt to balance her life and look after herself, in order to look after her daughter. Her gift is balancing life in adversity. There was authenticity, hope, openness and overwhelming gratitude. The room was filled with symphony of positivity.


That was truly a fulfilling and empowering experience with parents of gifted special children. We all came out with gratitude to see our gifts and tap in the ability to live life seeing ‘half glass full approach’.
















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