Is the world of duality serving us?

October 30, 2018





We live in a world of Duality. Everything is seen and perceived in opposites - good or bad, happy or sad, black or white, day or night. We understand comparisons and need to know where we stand relative to others.


How would life be if there were no opposites? How would it be if there were no yardsticks or benchmarks to compare? Imagine there is no need to rate anything as a success or a failure? There is no success and failure.


How would our human mind respond?


We would probably be lost if things were to be seen just as they were. With no comparisons, no benchmarks to be done, our mind would not know how to function. It would require complete rewiring of our inner programs. Why would we do that?


Imagine everything is just the way it is. There are no pressures to perform. One would perform for one’s own joy, satisfaction and pleasure. Would that mean there would be no progress? Perhaps it would not drive people to unhealthy levels of pressures to perform. Perhaps we will start accepting our selves and each other more as there will be less reasons of conflict. 


Currently we live through our mind and our mind needs highs and lows to function. Our ego needs a perpetrator and victim to get more empowered. We become addicted to our ego/mind through these stories of ups and downs. For everything we need a yes or a no. We need approval and validations because we are dependent on duality.


To stop perceiving duality requires a big shift.  We need to program our mind from being our master to serving us and us living from our heart. Something to think about!


We become “One whole” once we balance and integrate yin and yang energies within us. That’s when duality dissolves within us.



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