“When we start living through life experiences. Life ceases to happen to us, it now happens through us."

October 16, 2018


Have you seen through a pair of binoculars? Let’s visualize this experience.


When we look at the lens of a pair of binocular we only see a pair of blurred magnified lens and nothing else.


It is only when we look through the lens that we see magnified version of distant objects being real. We suddenly see beyond our eye vision.


Same is with Life and its experiences. When we focus on any one trauma, set back or even success we see only a blurred magnified version of that experience. That experience is our perception of success or the failure. We go on a rollercoaster of emotions and get consumed by it as we know no better.


The moment we start seeing through that experience like we see through the binoculars, we see reality beyond our comprehension and so many more possibilities through this experience.


When we start Living through the experiences. Life ceases to happen to us and it happens through us. We become creators and not victims any longer. Life now flows through us and we have the ability to choose to steer it.

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