• Sangeeta Maheshwari

New Year - New Beginnings

New Year is a new cycle in Earth’s life. Earth, our home, completes its full cycle of orbiting around the sun to start yet another one. If Earth had any eclipses, tremors or hurricanes in the previous year it does not carry it forward to the next year. Aren’t we all fortunate that it does not? Imagine the wreckage, losses and tragedy by the various natural disasters! The grief, pain and regression in our lives cannot be relived year after year. Aren’t we grateful that Earth is so forgiving that it carries on its journey of giving us day and night and 4 seasons without prejudice? It is a beautiful permanent home to each of us without holding any grudges to our irresponsible ways of living on it.

New Year is also a new chapter in our life. Just like Earth is our home, we are our soul’s home. How was your last year? You may have had some breakthroughs and perhaps some setbacks and disappointments. Have you dealt with those feelings? Are you ensuring you are carrying no excess weight of those toxic feelings of upsets from last year?

Yes of course many issues could still be unresolved and that is work in progress and takes time. But are you still wounded from those incidents?

Like Earth and nature, if we can be objective and start our journey to do what we are good at, we can be then focus on fulfilling our purpose. By letting go of the emotions, drama and grief that is holding us back we accelerate forwards. Just like it is hard and regressive to drive a car looking mainly through the rear mirror. We are bound to have accidents and attract more mishaps. Although, we have to see the rear mirror sometimes in order to get a fuller vision.

In order to have a different outcome than previous years, a new strategy needs to be evolved.

Let go of the toggle between past and future in order to avoid past getting projected on to the future. Take a few minutes to reflect on the past year and maybe beyond to see what worked and what did not. The beliefs and thoughts that are resisting our growth need to be thanked and parted with. They helped us to reach here but now we have outgrown them. So, let us wear a bigger size of beliefs and thoughts that create room for our growth and expansion to broaden our horizon.


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