• Sangeeta Maheshwari

How clean is our mirror and how powerful is our magnet?

A mirror reflects whatever it sees. If we smile, it smiles back to us. If we frown, it frowns back to us. Life is similar to that. Our deepest emotions, needs and lessons are reflected back to us in the form of experiences. Sadly we don’t see it that way. Very often we expect people to smile or give an apology when we are angry or hurt. We get upset when we meet more hurt or anger and wonder why? We forget they are only reflecting what we are projecting. We feel people are insensitive and feel misunderstood. The harsh truth is we do not understand ourselves when there are unpleasant situations happening in our life. That is Law of Reflection- we receive what we give, consciously and unconsciously. The more we expand our awareness into our unconscious, the more we can monitor and understand our inner projections into Life’s mirror.

Law of attraction is always working like a magnet in our life. Whatever we think, we start attracting in our life. For example, we decide to go on a holiday to a destination, soon we start seeing that place being featured in magazines, brochures and advertisements. We even bump into people who have recently visited that place. We start attracting attention to our thoughts and synchronicity or as is commonly termed as “coincidence”, takes place in our life.

So the stronger we feel about something in our life, the more we attract it in our life. Similarly if we do not like something in our life, we can go deeper within our subconscious through meditation techniques or with the help of a qualified experienced coach/practitioner. Once we know the inner program that is attracting or reflecting undesired outcomes, it can be deleted from our consciousness. We have the ability and power to remove what is toxic and immerse ourselves in what we desire, and life will reflect and attract more of those for us.


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