• Sangeeta Maheshwari

Are we choosing to be alone or lonely?

With all the modern life style of technology, social life and work commitments we often get so stressed that we wish to have some downtime. This is good ‘me time or alone time with myself’. It helps unwinding, cooling off our system. It is like shutting down the many open files on our computer that is slowing down the efficiency of the computer, sometimes even making it hang. This Alone time is healthy for the mind, body and growth period for the soul, as we reflect within our self. We sometimes use reading, listening to music, laughing, walking, gardening, meditating or just resting to slow down our pace. We generally feel energized, creative and empowered after this alone time.

Whereas when we want to escape from the challenges or life situations almost like going into hiding, because we are scared, that shutting within is not healthy. It is running away feeling hurt or misunderstood or aggrieved. That is when we start feeling lonely even if we are surrounded by people, or are by ourselves. We suppress our emotions and feelings deep underneath and refrain from sharing them, feeling miserable. We feel life is a bit unfair and close ourselves feeling somewhat tighter within. Choosing to stay lonely makes us more vulnerable, fearful and low in self worth. Here facing and going back to the challenges to find solutions is most times the remedy.

“When we are alone, we choose to isolate ourselves to empower ourselves, whereas when we choose to be lonely we isolate ourselves as victims.”


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