• Sangeeta Maheshwari

“Face our fears, or the fears will be our face.”

If we don’t stand up to our fears they will transform us into their brand ambassadors.

Angela is scared of heights and she lives in that fear. She finds fear limiting her movements and life. She is identified by others as someone who has fear of heights. She starts believing she is synonym with someone fearful and knows no other way of living. She probably does not even realize she can exist without that fear. It becomes a part of her personality and face just like her body parts. Till one day when she is fed up and tired of carrying the weight of that mask and decides to stand up and face it. That is the first step of her freedom. As she faces her fear of height she realizes it is external to her and it can be dissolved. It is limiting to her life and she wishes to live life fuller and freer. She looks into the fear determined not to allow the fear to take over. She observes her reaction and decides not to participate in the drama. She keeps breathing into the story while keeping her distance. As the story is getting no fuel from Angela, it loses its power. The fear has lost its power as Angela faces it with boldness, bravery and brilliance.

Fear is the opposite of Love. Fear comes from the ego and Love comes from the heart. Fear blocks us and love frees us. The choice is ours.

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