• Sangeeta Maheshwari

How my shelf development turned into self-development?

Till last year I used to suffer from water retention. My feet used to swell up to almost another shoe size. I could not wear the clothes and shoes I had planned to wear for events. It was frustrating and I felt stuck with this issue. It is through my experience and seeing the pattern, that I realized the trigger was lack of movement and water. Every time I traveled factors like air pressure, being in one place and unconsciously not drinking enough water invited this situation.

To understand this I had to take a back seat to see through the whole process of what was the obstacle, when I thought I was doing everything normal. In short I started reflecting. When we reflect we see out of the box to get a better solution. We become the observers.

I was pleased to find a solution but without the application of that solution nothing changed for me. I would still get the water retention even though I now knew what caused it and how I could prevent it. So unfortunately with that reflection I only contributed to my knowledge, which was my shelf development but lacked the application. Until last year I started eating less salty food before my flight, drank more water and did some leg exercises during the flight.

To find solutions is vital but equally important is their appropriate application.

Once I applied that knowledge in my life I moved beyond my obstacle.

Reflection is of little use without application. It is like sitting in a boat to go to the other side of the river but not taking the journey. We are equipped with the help of reflection but without the application we imprison ourselves with the knowledge and the ego that says,” I know the answer”.

Knowledge with application and experience transforms into wisdom. That is when my shelf development became my self-development.

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