• Sangeeta Maheshwari

Russian Dolls - roadmap to human evolution?

The idea of this write up came up during a recent consultation with one of my clients when I explained how our lives are like Russian dolls.

Having studied Feng Shui and Macrobiotics (macro-large bio- life; living life large), I do integrate that knowledge in my Spiritual Metaphysical work with clients. It helps balance relationships in their ‘life integration process’ in a more holistic manner.

So if we were to visualize a Russian doll as a metaphor for our life, our inner core that determines our inner state can be compared to the inner most, smallest of the dolls. What state are our body cells in? How are our emotions? Do we feel connected? Is it peaceful or disturbed? Are there conflicts? Blockages? Are the cells happy and healthy? Are we quite often reactive and angry? Do we feel a void inside us?

What are the quality of thoughts, laughter, levels of motivation and stimulation, breath, energy, mindfulness and awareness that feed this core? What is our inner cleansing and detoxification regime?

The next doll or layer is skin and it feeds on good quality- nutrition, oxygen, water, fresh air, sunlight, physical activity and of course the core, i.e our inner state. What kind of food are we consuming? What kind of skin care products are we using to keep our skin natural and healthy? How are we breathing, cleaning, moisturizing and feeding our skin? It is the largest organ of our body.

The third doll or the layer after skin, also called the second skin is our clothing. How organic and weather conducive are our clothes? Are we being mindful of using the stimulating or peaceful colours and fabrics to enhance our goals and interests? Are we wearing bright yang coloured synthetics during research-based work that needs more calming yin energy? Does the fabric breathe well and keeps the circulation during hot weather and likewise keeps us warm for cold climate. What kind of detergents are we using?

The fourth doll is our house. How do we feel in our house? What does it mean to us? Is it organized, cluttered, warm, sterile, colourful or parts that need more attention? What emotions get triggered in various parts of the house? What energy do we feel? Is there any similarity to how we feel about some part of the house to how we feel inside of us? What kind of cleaning and chemically based products do we use? What kind of energy do these chemicals generate? How is the yin and yang balance?

The fifth doll is décor and views from our house. How are the walls and windows? How are the views from our house looking outside? What are the surroundings and how do they affect us? Can we do something about it to help us? How do we feel energetically when we look around us?

The sixth doll is the environment, area we live in. Is it suburban or city? Do we like the quiet or the buzz? Does it assist us in our goals or is it conflicting?

The seventh doll is the country we are in. The social, political and economic situation around affects us directly or indirectly. How does it impact our goals and mindset?

The eighth doll is the planet Earth we are living in. How are we treating it? Are we looking after our planet like we look after our home and our inner core? Isn’t the planet going to look after us the same way as we do to it?

The last layer is of course the Universe, cosmos and the solar system. The cycle of Sun, Moon and all the planets impact our presence and progress. Are we aware of the laws of the Universe? Are we caught in some repeated patterns of life? Do we feel stuck in some places? Or are we looking at the deeper meaning of life?

To sum it, do all the 9 layers of Russian dolls have a direct or indirect impact on our intellect, senses, relationships, inner peace, harmony and not only our individual life and evolution but evolution of mankind on the whole?

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