• Sangeeta Maheshwari

Workshop with Manzil Center for people with disabilities

Manzil is a non-profit center dedicated to making a difference to the lives of people with special needs in the UAE.

Today, is the start of a very rewarding and life-changing collaboration with Manzil that includes teachers, parents, and students themselves. Our first talk is all about learning how to fly and embrace our fears. We had shared “How to cope when someone presses your button.” Inner thoughts, laughter, fears, pains, over-coming challenges were shared and listened to. Our journey with Manzil will indeed be a multitude of positive perspectives and building of spiritual muscles at an immeasurable level! An amazing opportunity for us to be given this chance!

Venue : Jumeirah Creek Side Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Date : 28 August 2018 09:30am

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