• Sangeeta Maheshwari

Role of Mindfulness in Education

What is education?

Education is a journey of empowerment of students to attain skills and become more aware to live in the real world with the intelligence, intellect and vocation. It is a means where we hand hold and support each other to build confidence, clarity and work on both our strength and on our challenging aspects. When there is co-operation, understanding, trust, non-judgment and appreciation we thrive and tap into each other’s wisdom. That helps in exchange, flow and community building. We work from unity and stability.

However, we are getting too competitive by setting up league tables to excel and put pressure on having vertical focus on how to get top grades at the cost of health, friendship, joy and childhood.

We get so pressurized and consumed in the judgments, that all we talk about is success and failure and rejections. We grow up stressed and lack confidence within ourselves. External success becomes our benchmark of our capabilities. We live out of fear and complexes and move away from our inner wisdom, common sense and love. The reason of so many break ups in relationships, mental and physical illnesses and violence stems from the fear of rejection and ‘not being good enough’ belief within our selves. We fear to share our vulnerabilities and fight within ourselves. We start numbing our feelings, as they hurt not being honoured. We start running on a treadmill not knowing who we would be if we stopped.

A shift towards cooperation through mindfulness will enhance compassion and can take the seeds of education into organic growth. We will connect with our heart and tap into our wisdom. A gift each one has but is shy to use over external validation.

We are human beings and it is important for us to feel our ‘being’ and not only our ‘doing’.


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